Our Approach

JCA enables our customer’s innovations through the application of our technology building blocks with our highly capable engineering team to produce unique mobile machine applications. A highlight of some of the more common applications types that JCA has developed are provided below.

Our technology road map is system-focused, with technologies being developed in each of the key areas for highly automated and autonomous mobile machines. This includes Sensors and Perception, Actuation and Controls, Mapping and Guidance, Communication and Data Management, User Interfaces, and Platform and Tools.

Precision Agriculture

Precision agriculture applications typically involve location-based operation of equipment. Very often high accuracy GPS (such as RTK) are used for guidance and geo-referencing. JCA has experience in implementation of customized precision ag solutions, including seeding, planting, and harvesting applications. JCA technology, such as our FlightPath mapping and guidance software, is used to develop customized precision agriculture solutions, including overlap control, prescription application, variable rate, and autosteer solutions.


The use of precision guidance technologies in grading applications can result in sub-inch accuracy of grades for landscaping and drainage applications. A wide range of equipment is used for this type of application, including bulldozers, scrapers, excavators, ditching equipment, and drainage tiling equipment. Each of these have unique accuracy and planning requirements. JCA’s experience in guidance and mapping technologies, and integration with high-accuracy RTK GPS systems has enabled grading applications for different types of machines, each with their own unique needs that allow them best serve their target market.

Agricultural Implements

Agricultural consists of a wide variety of farming functions, and the implement is the machine that typically performs these core functions. While much of the technology in the past has been focused on the power units (tractor or combine), there has been a drastic shift towards optimization of implements through the use of technology, with the realization that optimizing the core farming function provides the best opportunity to add value to the farm. Technologies such as ISOBUS and smartphones/tablets have enabled a portability of controls between implements, and set the stage for rapid advancement in agricultural implement capabilities. JCA has developed many unique agricultural implement control systems, including grain cart controls, combine headers, planting equipment, tillage, and auger controls. Our experience in ISOBUS systems, smartphone/tablet technology, controls systems, and sensing technology allows us to rapidly enable the agricultural implement innovations of our customers.


Common applications for various types of construction equipment is excavation using skid-steer loaders, wheeled loaders, excavators, and dump trucks. Advancements in precision movement monitoring using sensor fusion of accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, GPS, and vision systems allow for new opportunities for OEMs to provide value to their end customers through increased automation, closing the gap between the novice and advanced operators. JCA has technologies and capabilities to facilitate unique OEM solutions for complex excavation applications.

Telematics and Fleet Management

Remote connectivity and monitoring technology has opened up wide ranges of applications in the area of telematics and fleet management. These applications can include monitoring of construction vehicles on a work site, tracking of rental machines, or integration of farm equipment across multiple fields. JCA’s communication and data management technology, and our standard products, such as our Hummingbird, WIND tools, and Cumulus platform, enables customized fleet management and telematics applications that collect machine data, store it in the cloud, and can be accessed securely by users through web and smartphone/tablet user interfaces specific to the needs of the application.

Autonomous Systems

The path to autonomous systems requires progression on two significant fronts: autonomous operation of the driving and navigation of the machine, and autonomous operation of the core machine function. In transportation applications (e.g. cars, trucks) driving and navigation is the core problem, but off-highway equipment doesn’t only need to drive through the work area, it needs to perform its function in that area as well. We have built on our experience in automating unique off-highway mobile machine applications to develop an autonomous mobile machine framework. This framework provides a path for OEMs to build towards autonomous systems through increasing automation of their core machine functions while increasingly integrating with driving and navigation automation, towards fully autonomous machines.

The Difference

JCA Electronics' commitment to Always delivering value to our customers.

We effectively define and execute OEMs wishes by first understanding the company and its products, next, being experts in the technologies and processes needed to create valuable and cost effective systems, and finally, to help them lead flexible and efficient projects.

We make it easy to bring your innovations to the field.

JCA Electronics is an experienced system integrator for the off-highway mobile machine market. Having implemented successful solutions for the ag, construction, mining and other industries, we work with you to get your ideas to the market by reducing the risk of implementation.

Driving Innovation

We pride ourselves as innovators and work with other innovators to use the latest technologies to implement their vision. From autonomous implements to perception systems to novel ways of controlling implements, JCA enables innovation in the field.

Reduce Risk

Increase your chances of making the project a success by working with a service provider that has delivered solutions to the mobile machinery market for over 16 years.


Focusing on providing accurate and reliable manufacturing services, JCA offers responsive solutions to equipment manufacturers' urgent and short lead time needs.

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