Our Capabilities

JCA has built a world-class cross-functional engineering team to complement or products and technologies. Just like with our technology development, we have focused our capability development considering the mobile machine system as a whole to best meet our customers needs. Some highlights of these capabilities include System Engineering, Model-Based Development, Tablet and Smartphone Apps, Embedded Systems, Electrical Systems, and Project Management.


Systems Engineering

System Engineering is a cross-functional discipline that considers the core engineering problems, and how all of the components in the system come together for a robust and reliable system. Our System Engineers are typically the technical leads on projects, and work with the customer to understand the problems to be solved by the application in development. The System Engineer is responsible for the requirements, system design, verification, and validation of the system as a whole. JCA System Engineers are have specialized capability in wide ranging areas such as classic control systems, electronics and software systems, robotics and vision systems, and experience in development of complex systems in various industries such as off-highway vehicles, aerospace, medical, and material-handling vehicles.


Model Based Development

JCA employs a model-based design process in the development of many applications. This workflow uses Mathworks Matlab and Simulink tools for developing applications models, which can often result in auto-generated embedded software. This approach to application development allows for simulation to verify complex algorithms prior to implementation, and the auto-generated coding means engineering time is spent on the application problem rather than debugging software. Our JCA SDK supports fast integration of applications built with a model-based design approach, resulting in a higher level of robustness over a shorter development period.


Tablet and Smartphone Development

Tablets and smartphones have become an integrated part of everyday life. JCA was one of the first companies to connect these devices seamlessly into the function of mobile machines and take advantage of the connectivity technology toad value to applications. This has allowed JCA to build a strong expertise in the development of apps for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms, and web-based development for remote connectivity into machines. JCA’s hardware products support connectivity of tablets and smartphones, and our approach to get involved with our customer’s applications means our solutions have the unique look-and-feel that best fits your application.


Embedded Systems

The JCA engineering team consists of experts in electronics design for ruggedized environments, as well as software engineers specialized in embedded systems development. We design our electronics products from initial concept, through schematic design, printed circuit board layout, mechanical assembly, to verification testing. Our products are tested with harsh environmental tests (primarily based on SAE J1455 test specifications) to ensure they can meet the tough environments required for off-highway equipment.


Electrical Systems

A large part of a complete system design for a mobile machine is the electrical system consisting of wire harnessing, control panels, electronics modules, sensors, and actuators. As a manufacturer of each of these technologies, JCA has the experience required to develop rugged and robust designs built for efficiency of manufacturing. We use CAD tools to design the wire harnessing and control panels to fit in the mechanical machine design, and develop engineering and manufacturing drawing sets intended for repeatable manufacturing processes.


Project Management

A successful project not only needs the technical expertise to make it happen, but also needs a clear plan and effective project controls to manage the schedule, budget, and scope. Traditional waterfall methods of project management struggle in complex software development projects, because of the ability and need for constant change and the time needed in planning. The demand from our customers for fast and adaptable development has required us to pursue a different approach. JCA has adopted Agile project management processes to first help customer develop the scope of the intended project, break this into milestones, and then manage work with a backlog and sprints. The combination of System Engineering principles with Agile development has allowed JCA to effectively control the project development and provide a high-level of insight and involvement with customers through the process, while still allowing for rapid development results.

The Difference

JCA Electronics' commitment to Always delivering value to our customers.

We effectively define and execute OEMs wishes by first understanding the company and its products, next, being experts in the technologies and processes needed to create valuable and cost effective systems, and finally, to help them lead flexible and efficient projects.

We make it easy to bring your innovations to the field.

JCA Electronics is an experienced system integrator for the off-highway mobile machine market. Having implemented successful solutions for the ag, construction, mining and other industries, we work with you to get your ideas to the market by reducing the risk of implementation.

Driving Innovation

We pride ourselves as innovators and work with other innovators to use the latest technologies to implement their vision. From autonomous implements to perception systems to novel ways of controlling implements, JCA enables innovation in the field.

Reduce Risk

Increase your chances of making the project a success by working with a service provider that has delivered solutions to the mobile machinery market for over 16 years.


Focusing on providing accurate and reliable manufacturing services, JCA offers responsive solutions to equipment manufacturers' urgent and short lead time needs.

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