Our Approach

Our approach at JCA has always been provide the underlying technology building blocks to facilitate rapid custom application development for our customers. Our customers bring the application needs and ideas, and we enable their innovations with the core underlying technology to achieve their vision.

Our technology road map is system-focused, with technologies being developed in each of the key areas for highly automated and autonomous mobile machines. This includes Sensors and Perception, Actuation and Controls, Mapping and Guidance, Communication and Data Management, User Interfaces, and Platform and Tools.

Sensors and Perception

Sensor and Perception technology is focused on sensing and measuring the physical world. Most applications need input from the physical world that are critical to the automation controls of the system. This can include anything from simple pressure, position, speed sensing, to full vision systems using LiDAR, cameras, IMUs, and sensor fusion techniques. JCA has a wide range of existing sensing and perception technologies and capabilities that can be adapted to the needs of each unique application.

Actuation and Control

Actuation and Controls technology is focused on machine movement. JCA has technologies and capabilities to facilitate rapid deployment of machines controlled by hydraulic, electric, or pneumatic actuators. These technologies include both hardware platforms specialized for different actuator types, as well as software libraries to facilitate the rapid development, tuning, and deployment of unique machine control applications. These technologies have been developed, and continue to evolve, with direction from our team with expertise in PID controls and robotic systems.

Mapping and Guidance

Mapping and guidance are a critical part of autonomous machines, but are also needed in many highly automated systems. JCA has technologies for a wide range of mapping and guidance applications such as technologies for mission planning, navigation, and vehicle piloting in GPS and GPS-denied environments and application integration with maps on tablet, smartphone, and PC applications for unique application map needs. These technologies are widely applicable to precision machine applications common in agriculture and construction, as well are core building blocks for autonomous or assisted driving applications.

Communication and Data Management

Advances in connectivity and sensor technologies have resulted in much larger amounts of data handled by machine control systems, as well as the need to coordinate this data between multiple machines, users, and modules. JCA has developed technologies to support on-vehicle networks (CAN, J1939, ISOBUS), off-vehicle networks, wired and wireless communication, data logging and cloud-based storage/access, using many different communication and data management mediums. We specifically have expertise in wireless communications (such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and LTE/4G) interfacing with mobile machines, and understand how to architect systems for collecting information locally, and providing to the systems or users where intelligent decisions can be made.

User Interface Design

The user interface used to interact with mobile machine controls, be it through a virtual terminal, joystick, control panel, tablet or smartphone, is crucial to turning a little used function into a timesaver and driver of productivity for an OEM’s customers. Through a passion for understanding and implementing various successful types of UIs, JCA has successfully turned existing product lines into successful profit generators and also ensuring new innovative solutions are not handicapped with a poorly designed user interface from the start.

Platform and Tools

The correct choice of platform or tools used when designing a modern mobile machine control system can build flexibility and robustness into a solution from the start. JCA’s expertise in this area enables us to offer the right choice to our customers from the start.

The Difference

JCA Electronics' commitment to Always delivering value to our customers.

We effectively define and execute OEMs wishes by first understanding the company and its products, next, being experts in the technologies and processes needed to create valuable and cost effective systems, and finally, to help them lead flexible and efficient projects.

We make it easy to bring your innovations to the field.

JCA Electronics is an experienced system integrator for the off-highway mobile machine market. Having implemented successful solutions for the ag, construction, mining and other industries, we work with you to get your ideas to the market by reducing the risk of implementation.

Driving Innovation

We pride ourselves as innovators and work with other innovators to use the latest technologies to implement their vision. From autonomous implements to perception systems to novel ways of controlling implements, JCA enables innovation in the field.

Reduce Risk

Increase your chances of making the project a success by working with a service provider that has delivered solutions to the mobile machinery market for over 16 years.


We are always just a phone call away. We know that innovation presents many challenges and work closely with manufacturers to work through any issues that come up.

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