For pricing, contact a JCA sales representative to work through the applicable quoting process. Written quotations automatically expire in thirty (30) days, unless otherwise stated in writing, and can be terminated by written notice within that period. Price changes apply to all orders received after the effective date of the price change, and will be billed at the latest price. Blanket orders with scheduled releases will be billed at the new price on the effective date.

All prices, published or quoted, do not include applicable local, provincial, state, or federal taxes. Applicable taxes must be paid by the Purchaser.

All orders must be bona fide commitments indicating stipulated quantities, complete item descriptions, revisions and required dates as applicable. We reserve the right to make design changes or improvements with notice.

No penalty clause of any kind will be effective unless approved in writing by an authorized officer of JCA Technologies. The company will not be liable for any delay or damage caused by circumstances beyond JCA Technologies’ reasonable control, including fire, strike, acts of the Purchaser, insurrection, acts of God, transportation failures, or inability to obtain labor, materials or manufacturing facilities.

No order is binding upon the company until accepted by an authorized official of JCA Technologies.

Any order or contract may be cancelled or altered by the Purchaser only upon payment of reasonable charges based upon expenses already incurred and commitments made by JCA Technologies for the benefit of the Purchaser.

JCA Technologies’ products are packaged appropriately to protect them from shipping damage. Responsibility for delivery lies with the carrier upon our delivery to the carrier, and upon their acceptance of the product. All shipments should be inspected for damage, visible or concealed, upon receipt at the Purchaser’s destination. Claims for loss or damage should be filed with the carrier immediately and all such claims must be made by the Purchaser to the carrier. JCA Technologies may assist, insofar as practical, in securing any adjustment of claims.

Shortages in any shipment must be reported within five (5) days of product receipt or fifteen (15) days of invoice date, and must be accompanied by the corresponding packing list. JCA Technologies reserves the right to back-order any item unless a request has been made that a shipment must be made in full, in which case we will schedule the complete shipment at the earliest date possible.

Terms of payment are net thirty (30) days from date of invoice with approved credit. JCA Technologies reserves the right to require full or partial payment in advance of shipment where the financial condition of the Purchaser does not justify continuance of production or shipment on the terms of payment specified. Orders from Purchasers with unapproved credit ratings may be shipped when prepayment arrangements are made with an officer of JCA Technologies.

All shipping costs are borne by the Purchaser.

Product may be returned for credit only upon prior approval of an authorized JCA Technologies representative. Please refer to the Return Policy section on our website for details.
All JCA Technologies manufactured products are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship. Please refer to the Warranty section on our website for details.

Repair services are available for selected products. Customers will be advised of applicable evaluation fees and estimated repair charges prior to the return whenever possible.