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JCAs VIREO is a tablet-based ISOBUS Universal Terminal (UT). The VIREO system consists of a JCA Hummingbird module that either connects into the tractor-implement ISOBUS network and appears as an ISOBUS UT on the network.  Or, connects directly to the Implement ISOBUS harness creating its own network. It interfaces with an implement controller to receive object pools that describe display terminal functionality. The critical display/graphic information is communicated over Wi-Fi to a tablet, that displays the implement information, and acts as the operator interface to the system.

The Hummingbird plugs into the ISOBUS network through the use of one of two available wire harnesses.  One allows you to directly connect to the ISOBUS plug in the ISOBUS compliant tractor.  The second harness plugs directly into the ISOBUS connector coming from the implement.  Allowing all Non-ISOBUS compliant tractors to communicate with ISOBUS implements.

Available on iOS. (Android and Window apps coming soon)

VIREO Overview

Genesis of ISOBUS

The ISO 11873 standard, commonly referred to as ISOBUS, was developed initially to provide a way to control multiple different agricultural implements from a single display terminal in a cab of a tractor.

Since the definition of the ISOBUS standards in the 1990’s, ISOBUS has gained momentum in the agricultural industry with both tractor and implement manufacturers. With the increasing number of implements that are ISOBUS compatible, ISOBUS UTs are becoming essential equipment in every tractor. Some new tractors come with ISOBUS UTs built-in, most new tractors come with options to buy UTs with the tractor, but there are many existing tractors that do not have ISOBUS UTs that farmers now need to upgrade to be able to control newer implements.

Just as ISOBUS technology has grown to a critical mass of adoption for new equipment, tablet and smartphone technology has provided a new option for implement monitoring and control. This technology has been adopted across almost every industry and is used in almost every part of people’s work, communication, and personal entertainment. The wide use of tablet/smartphone technology has pushed this technology to a capability that far exceeds the display and communication capability of built-in cab displays, and for a price point that is only a fraction of the cost. Additionally, tablets and smartphones provide a wireless monitoring and control capability that allows operators to connect with farming equipment outside the cab of the tractor.

And finally, smartphone and tablet technology provide the opportunity for use of a single user interface not only across different agricultural implements, but for broader farm management, fleet management, and general communication.

The JCA VIREO product is the evolution of the ISOBUS Universal Terminal to merge the benefits of ISOBUS compatibility for implement control with the technology benefits of tablets and smartphones.

Supported ISOBUS Functions

The VIREO product currently supports:

ISOBUS (ISO 11783-6) Universal Terminal Version 3 (AEF defined function: UT)

Future Versions (currently in development) will support:
  • ISOBUS (ISO 11783-6) Universal Terminal Version 4
  • Basic Tractor ECU (AEF defined function: TECU)
  • Auxiliary controls (AEF defined function: AUX-N)
  • Task controller basic (AEF defined function: TC-BAS)
  • Task controller geo-based (AEF defined function: TC-GEO)
Wireless Connectivity
The mobile device(s) running the VIREO tablet are connected to the Hummingbird module through a local Wi-Fi connection. This allows for operation of ISOBUS implemented with a display that is not tethered to the cab of the tractor. The Wi-Fi connection is established through the normal method of connecting to Wi-Fi networks for mobile devices, with the Hummingbird module acting as the Wi-Fi access point. Connectivity status is shown in the VIREO app with a connection icon that specifies wireless connectivity as well as connectivity of the Hummingbird with the system ISOBUS network.
Software Update
The VIREO software consists of an app running on a mobile device and a VIREO application running on the Hummingbird module. Mobile devices can be updated with the latest app through the Apple App Store. The app contains the compatible version of VIREO application software for the Hummingbird, and can be updated over Wi-Fi from the mobile device. This provides an easy method for updating the system with the latest VIREO software for new features and updates without any special technical knowledge or capability.
Multiple Tablet Support
Up to 4 tablets can be used with a single Hummingbird module, each acting as a separate VT within the ISOBUS network. This is beneficial to adding displays for secondary information, since only the cost of an additional tablet is needed for another display in the system.
License Management
The VIREO app allows for user license management of VIREO software within the app itself. The authorized licenses for a specific Hummingbird module can be viewed and upgraded by the user through the app by entering license information received from JCA.
Event Logs
The VIREO supports event logging, which is used for diagnostics and support. Each significant event of the system in use (e.g. power-up, connection, object pool loading, communication errors) are logged, and these logs can be saved and emailed for support by remote parties. This allows clarity for technical support staff in helping users through troubleshooting setup and system operation functions.

VIREO Details

More detailed information about VIREO can be found here:

Hummingbird Module Specifications

The VIREO system uses the JCA Hummingbird as the computing module within the system. The Hummingbird is a general-purpose rugged Linux-based computing module that can be used for a wide variety of applications, and is configured with licensed software for the VIREO application.

A summary of the general JCA Hummingbird capabilities can be found here: