At JCA we develop complete control systems for mobile vehicles. What this means is that we design and manufacture the physical components that go into a control system which includes the wiring harnesses, sensors, and the electronic controllers. The electronic controllers are computers with the processing power to run complex software, and designed for the harsh vehicle environments that they are subjected to. We also develop the software that runs on these rugged computers and it is the software that provides the unique functionality that each of our customers needs.

Our Services

Engineering Services

Advanced Technology Research

We are proud to be constant innovators. We seek customer challenges that drive us to find product improvements through well thought out solutions harnessing the latest technologies in mobile machine controls.

Custom Electronics Development

From the initial stages of collaborating on an engineered solution to project commissioning to product support, we take pride in our ability to deliver superior customer service and responsiveness to their needs.

Mobile Machine Control Development

Over 16 years of building product for the agriculture, mining and construction industries have refined a culture of constant improvement that has allowed us to provide responsive, accurate and cost effective manufacturing services.

Test System Development

Installing robust and proven electronics and wire harnesses over multiple builds should not only be complemented by the right manufacturing techniques but also an effective testing program. If you adopt any kind of electronics into your product during its manufacture, you may find great value in test equipment that can ensure they are all working and installed properly as a system. Much of this kind of testing is now done when the products assembly is complete and this might invite time intensive rework. JCA offers the Talon Test System that adapts to your production line and helps find problems where and when they occur, keeping your production line flowing efficiently and helping ensure a proven product goes out your door.

System Assessment

For equipment manufacturers, maintaining and growing the level of success of a product line presents a constant challenge. The inertia of an existing design might lead to equipment manufacturers accepting compromised solutions to their core products or are simply unaware of the benefits technology can bring. JCA can leverage our history of building system level solutions in numerous industries to provide a complete assessment of the technology and control systems used in your product line. Such an assessment would give a picture of where your product is today relative to the industry and could include a path forward, potentially through a phased approach, to meeting all of your desired objectives.

Manufacturing Services

Wire Harness Manufacturing

JCA Technologies has been manufacturing wire harnesses for numerous industries since 2002. We are proud of the relationships and expertise we have developed over this time and have paired it with proven technologies like ultrasonic splicing, braiding and automated testing. We manufacture wire harnesses that have become trusted by our customers for utmost reliability and accuracy. Whether it’s because your company has decided to gain more efficiency and capacity by no longer producing wire harness internally or simply want another or more responsive and reliable wire harness partner, JCA Technologies is the trusted partner equipment manufacturers choose.

Electronics Manufacturing

We provide a full suite of services for electronic design and manufacture. From initial conception of a product to PCB layout, then leading to the reliable manufacture of electronics, JCA can help you get the desired product to market in a fast and cost-effective manner.

Control Panel Manufacturing

The production of control panels present challenges from the right mechanical installation to choosing and sourcing the proper enclosures and components needed by the application. JCA has been building control panels since 2002 and we use our IPC , ISO & UL expertise to help our customers overcome the challenges control panel design and production sometimes present.

Service and Installation

We work with companies in multiple sectors to provide repair and rework services to wire harnessing & electrical components. Whether this is the re-work of an existing product due to design changes or the repair of damage due to production or field issues, JCA can provide the expertise and convenience where you need it.

ISO Consultancy

With a continuous improvement culture and being an innovative ISO certified organization, JCA has been asked to provide ISO consultancy for the purpose of simplifying and augmenting these policies at OEMs. This might involve work to define the right quality control processes and procedures or how best to audit them to ensure they are working. JCA is able to share its expertise gained through its own ISO requirements as well as share what we have learned through these consultancy services.

JCA Technologies

offers a platform of products

to bring your innovations to life.

We provide a stable of platforms – from advanced controllers to processing platforms, Precision Ag products like Vireo and FlightPath. These allow you to build your innovations upon a stable and flexible technology platform reducing your time to market and decreasing your overall costs.

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Processing Platforms
  • Linux Based
  • Embedded
  • GPU Based
Precision Ag Platform
Autonomous & Perception Platforms
Advanced Sensors
Testing and Simulation